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Februari 2020

Energy efficient construction company

HouseFrame timber frame construction & energy efficient homes. Pioneer in bio-ecological timber frame construction, from low-energy to passive houses. And also the reference for modern and oak outbuildings such as garden houses, carports, barns and pool houses. The result is a versatile range of traditional and modern timber construction, with which we respond to the current needs of the construction market.


Building high quality homes means finding the right materials, partners and workers for the job. We’ve assembled a team of experts in their field who are always seeking to challenge themselves with different ideas and technologies. Our employees are perpetually evolving from attending new trainings and classes.

We believe the planning and building process should be based on a trustworthy partnership, so we take the time to discuss with our clients their individual needs and visions. We are in contact with our clients during every stage of the process, from the initial sketches, to 3D models to the physical construction. We prioritize quality design and transparency to ensure our clients’ safety, comfort and happiness.

Evan Redmond
Co-owner & Founder

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