A designer that went from woodworking to running a design agency.

Last updated - februari 2021

Ruben Daems is a one-man company ensures a clear, stable and personal collaboration between client and designer. In doing so we create the most honest and valuable partnerships. This one-to-one approach will also make communication more efficient and pleasant for both parties.

From starters, it will probably be a big surprise but I studied woodworking and even got a degree in it! As a kid I’ve always had a passion for graphic design. When I was about 13-14 years old I first came across photoshop CS5. I started making stuff for people I looked up to, like logos, YouTube banners, Twitter banners, … never thinking that this could turn into a full time job. I also made some YouTube videos about it! Looking back on it now I realize that the videos and ‘designs’ I made didn’t make any sense at all. Yet now I realize that this could be foundation of my current career.

When I graduated in 2015 I realized I wasn’t looking for a future in the woodworking industry. I decided to take a one-year course on graphic design in Antwerp. From then on I found my true passion and everything started to fall into place.

Since then I’ve been working with a lot of awesome clients including NFL player Brandon Boykin, Virtus, Investapool and so on. I support companies with the appearance in their industries by designing them a brand identity and web design that stands out. My ultimate goal is to create a design that reinforces the communication between the brand and its customers by asking the right questions.

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